Day 13: Agricultural Opportunities at the University of Illinois

As I have said before, I am thankful for the opportunity to attend the University of Illinois. But I am also grateful for what this incredible university has to offer for students with an interest in agriculture. It’s a big transition moving from a small high school to a University with over 32,000 undergraduate students. One thing that helped make this transition easier was getting involved in the student clubs provided by the University. Through these clubs, I met other students with similar interests as myself, all while staying active in my agricultural interests.

Hoof N’ Horn Club has allowed me to pursue my passion for showing livestock by being involved in organizing livestock shows and has allowed me an opportunity to promote the animal science industry.

Collegiate Farm Bureau has provided me with the opportunity to network with potential future employers, allowed me to seek out future careers, and encouraged me to participate in personal growth opportunities.

Agricultural Education Club is an amazing student organization that provides social, as well as educational activities for students interested in agricultural education. (Even if you aren’t majoring in Ag-Education!)

ACE Club has been a great experience to learn about what opportunities are available in the field of agriculture and meet other students that are part of the College of ACES. There are so many more student organizations that I look forward to getting involved in during my next few years at the University of Illinois, these are just a few that I have been actively involved in so far.

I am thankful for the agricultural opportunities that have been provided to me by the University of Illinois.

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