Day 11: Farm Chores

The word “chores” had a whole different meaning to me growing up than it did to many of my friends. Chores in our family were done every single day, at least twice a day. They had to be finished before we added anything else to our plans. Sometimes chores took two hours, and sometimes they took longer. There was no allowance for finishing them or working extra hard because these were things that were expected. It was part of life on the farm.

Here’s a few things I learned from having chores while growing up…

1. There’s always someone depending on me. If I don’t get a job done, I am affecting more than just myself.

2. Chores taught me time management. If I wanted to go out, I better get the chores done early.

3. Ignoring a problem doesn’t solve the problem.

4. Hard work pays off in the end.

5. An excuse will never be good enough.

As much as I hated having chores every day, I am thankful for what I learned while completing them.

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