Day 10: My Mom

When I look back through the years, my mom was always there. She came to the rescue at every cattle show when the rest of us forgot something we needed back home, and she always made sure my hair was braided before I entered the show ring. She was always there to patch up the scrapes and treat the poison ivy that us kids always seemed to find. She was always there to remind my siblings and me that the house is not a war zone. And thankfully, she was there for us when we got in trouble at school and were too afraid to tell Dad. My mom was always there for us, and she always will be… No matter how much trouble my siblings and I tend to get into.

But she isn’t just a mom. The day she and dad got married, she became a farmer’s wife. It could easily be argued that being farmer’s wife is just as difficult as being a farmer. She brings meals to the fields during planting season and harvest, despite the grouchy moods that everyone might be in. She gives up her precious space in the fridge to make room for livestock vaccines. She is my dad’s biggest support through every flood, drought, and obstacle that the farming life could throw at you. She understands that farming isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle.. she’s the true definition of a farmer’s wife.

It’s been a successful Mom’s Weekend at the University of Illinois and reminded me of how thankful I am to have such an amazing mom in my life.

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