Day 6: Daisy

We all have that one family member that can do no wrong, the favorite child you might say. Well nine years ago today, we were blessed to find that “special” family member and since then, our lives have never been the same.

There’s several characteristics that make Daisy unique from the rest of our family. For example, her love of sweets and the measures she will go to attain them. Not only has she been caught stealing candy from family Easter baskets, but she has actually knocked her own grandma down in an attempt to steal the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

Unfortunately for Daisy, she didn’t inherit the athletic gene from the rest of the family. On several occasions, she has ended up in the doctor’s office due to some unfortunate events that include running headfirst into trees and pinching the nerves in her neck because she gets too excited about family visitors.

As far as Daisy’s behavior goes, she refuses to listen to authority. Specifically the times that she insists on staying out all night and the time she chased the new show heifer away from dad and down the highway. Or the time she jumped out the sunroom window to catch the bird that was happily eating off of Mom’s new bird feeder.

There is no doubt that without Daisy, our family dog, the Miller household would not be near as exciting. I am thankful to have been blessed this crazy, happy dog who can instantly put a smile on my face when I walk in the door.

Happy Birthday Daisy!!!


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