Day 3: 4-H House

Growing up, I was always used to living in a pretty quiet house. There was five of us total, my parents, my older sister, and my younger brother. My siblings and I kept busy with school, sports, and work on the farm. We each had our own bedroom, and we didn’t have to spend too much time fighting over the bathroom because there was three.

In college, this became a whole different story when I joined 4-H House, a cooperative sorority. I now live in a house with 52 other people. There’s three of us sharing a room, and there’s still three bathrooms. Oh, and did I mention those 52 people are all girls? Call me crazy, but this was the best decision I have made in college. Not only did I meet 52 new friends on the first day of school, but I gained 52 new sisters. On the first day I met these girls, I never imagined how close we would become. From the best nights to the worst nights, there’s not a girl in the house who doesn’t have your back when you need it.. trust me on that one. But why am I so thankful to live in 4-H House compared to other houses on campus? We all share the same passion, the passion for agriculture.

…..And if you’re anything like me, living in a house with 52 other girls who have a 4-H/FFA background comes in handy when you come home frustrated about the discussion you just had in class about GMOs. Or need reassurance that it’s perfectly okay to spend hours of your day watching online cattle sales.

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